About me

Reliability & creativity at your service

Here I am!

I’m Angela, mother of three  wonderful children with an unstoppable creative vein.

When I was I child, I used to drew, to cut out and to create small designs using different materials and I still love to customize the things I belong to.

Once I decided to become a wedding planner I aimed at the best possible professional training, attending courses held by international wedding planner professionals.

Specialized in “Luxury Wedding Destination” I also attended different floral design master. I truly believe that flowers are the scenic protagonist of the wedding.

I love Sicily, because in Sicily you can wear the scents, Food and Wine are a show for the eyes, Flowers inebriate.

All this, together with a touch of creativity, creates a magical atmosphere for a unique event, an unforgettable wedding day!

This is how was born my idea, my project: “Love in Sicily”!