Destination Wedding

Wedding as an unforgettable journey

Some says that my eyes reflect the colors of Sicily: the blue of the sky, the green of the sea together with some yellow shades similar to the sun or the tuff stone!

Sicily  – a land I know in-depth- is a source of inspiration for me to create unforgettable events. If you wish to organize a wedding or any other special event in a magic place like Sicily, Love in Sicily is the right partner to identify the most evocative locations and design every detail for you and your guests. I love Sicily, because in Sicily you can wear the scents, food and wine are a show for the eyes, flowers inebriate. Crystal clear seas and white beaches, Castles, Baroque Domus with stunning view on the highest volcano in Europe, the Mount Etna, byzantines churches and greek temples, are only some of the possible scenery for your event.